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Carbon fibers overview


Carbon fiber has revolutionised everything from motorsports, to the aerospace industry to artificial limbs. It is made from several thousand carbon fiber strands which are twisted together to form a yarn which is then woven into a fabric making it incredibly strong and lightweight.

We have vast amounts of experience in carbon wrapping parts, each of the thousands of products on our website has been individually wrapped and photographed in our workshop. We use OEM parts to ensure a perfect fit.

93 Carbon

93 carbon
This carbon is found is what Porsche use on the interior and exterior of their Porsche 991 and Cayenne.

195 Carbon

195 carbon
A sporty carbon fibre thread used in cars such as the Lamborghini Murcelago, Porsche 997 and by car manufacturer Ferrari.

224 Carbon Silver

224 Carbon Silver
For those wanting something a little more unique this is the base for coloured parts such as red, green, silver and blue.

245 Carbon

245 Carbon
Audi’s carbon texture of choice on the RS model range. It is also used by BMW, Mercedes AMG and Lamborghini.

280 Atlas Carbon

280 Atlas Carbon
Audi’s carbon texture of choice on the RS model range.

405 köper red

405 Köper Red
This carbon thread is maticulously layered to create a 3-D look.

405 köper blue

405 Köper Blue
Featured by Audi on the interior of the RS2 this carbon thread is patterened for a 3-D effect.

600 Carbon

600 Carbon
This carbon fibre thread was used on the Audi RS4 B7 and still looks great.


The carbon fibre thread of choice by sports car manufacturers Pagani, this is used on the Zonda C12 and Pagini Huayra.


  • OEM parts ensure a perfect fit
  • carbon fibre weave
  • Model and brand specific carbon patterns
  • Matt or Gloss finish
  • UV protection resin to prevent weathering and yellowing


Carbon Finish
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